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I am a father to a daughter who discovered the joy, laughter and connection found in children’s books when I would read to my little girl before bed. During this nightly bonding ritual, I found myself adding additional narrative to scenes as well as making up stories just to see and hear her laugh a little louder and longer, that in turn would make me laugh and really heightened my feelings of being a good connected dad. She is now 9, and I am … well also 9 years older, and reminiscing these years and moments in time with my girl 'Moogy Roo' now just 'Moogs' I decided to bring these stories to life as illustrated children's books to help other families laugh and connect.

Now Moogy Roo always said, "A book before Bed!"

For all inquiries, please contact

Within Australia 0424 336 215
Outside Australia +61 424 336 215

Email: info@dgstott.com

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PO Box 1458
Paradise Point, Queensland 4216

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