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My Self-Publishing Adventure

Post 10 / Posted March 19th 2020

Meeting my Illustrator: The Moogy Roo Series.

This Blog is a retrospective look back on my self publishing journey which took just on 12 months from the day I decided to publish my first story, mid January 2019 to finally collecting my first 534 copies from customs at Brisbane Wharf late January 2020.

Going into the meeting with Jan I thought I had made up my mind as to how I wanted the story to be solely acted out by my girl character 'Moogs'. The thing with meetings is that despite going in with clear intent and vision, the input and perspective of others, particularly when backed by a high level of expertise can quickly derail that intent and vision but also enlighten and inspire greater outcomes. As was the case with my meeting with Jan, Sharon and Ale to discuss text layout and illustrations when I decided to include my boy character 'Jack', who also happens to be my nephew and is a character in one of my other stories called "Have You Ever Met A Boogly Boo?"

Email 8th May 2019

Hi Sharon,

Thank you again for your time, expertise and insight today. Just before we wrapped up Jan had mentioned demographics and the fact my story only had a girl character . On the way home I got to think about this more, and I am now thinking about adding the boy to the story as follows:-

Keeping the same ideas as discussed with the girl telling and acting out the story (Expressive & Emotive) but instead acts and interacts with the boy who is much younger and and wide eyed in anticipation (Like Jan’s existing illustration of him sitting down) who also gets emotive before getting up and follows her instructions and imagining the Giggly Goo before the final reveal. I think this will give the added dimension of being in a room that was mentioned.

Can you run this by Jan, and if he thinks this is better will go with this? My apologies.

Kind Regards


My last initial Layout Concept received prior to my meeting with Jan.

With a clear vision of my characters , I now had to prepare my breakdown of scenes for Jan so he can commence illustration, which I will include in my next blog. In the meantime please check out a portfolio of Jan Pimping's artwork at to see what an amazingly talented artist he is.

I will be posting twice a week, every Tuesday and Thursdays and would love your feedback, comments and questions along the way. Thanks for your support.

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