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Post 13 / Posted April 21st 2020

Spot the Difference: The Moogy Roo Series.

This Blog is a retrospective look back on my self publishing journey which took just on 12 months from the day I decided to publish my first story, mid January 2019 to finally collecting my first 534 copies from customs at Brisbane Wharf late January 2020.

Date in History 24th May 2019

Hello Darren, 

Sharon is away this week, but Jan has been working really hard and he has half of the pages on sketches so far, I have attached  his progress so far. 

Regards Ale 

Now Let's Play Spot the Difference Not only is it important to be happy with your illustrations, it is even more critical to check grammar, spelling and punctuation because once in print, it cannot be changed without significant expense. You also don't want your audience or potential publisher picking up these mistakes for obvious reasons . This is where a professional editor can can help, casting their expert eye no matter how simple and short the story to pick up mistakes that you were unaware of or just simply missed ... as you will see below.

Draft Illustration (Below Left) Final Illustration (Below Right)

Spot the differences above? Yes the illustration and bubble, however just as critical was the change from 'laugh out' to 'laugh-out' and 'tummy rumbling' to 'tummy-rumbling' . Adding the hyphen, as these are compound adjectives.

Draft Illustration (Below Left) Final Illustration (Below Right)

Spot the differences above? Yes the illustration and addition of speech bubble, but did you notice the addition of the full spot at the end of the sentence as well?

Draft Illustration (Below Left) Final Illustration (Below Right)

Spot The difference above? The only change above was to punctuation in the speech bubble on right, adding the period ... onto the end of the sentence after 'you' as it leads into the next sentence.

Spot the difference above? Yes, again the illustration with the addition of the book cover but also the addition of the full stop. An interesting tidbit; When kids and even adults have read this sentence above they stumble with the word 'read' and pronounce it as read instead of 'Red".

Coming up: More changes to draft sketches.

Thanks for your support.

Please check out a portfolio of Jan Pimping's amazing artwork at

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