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My Self-Publishing Adventure

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Post Meeting the Liveworm Team: The Moogy Roo Series.

Post 7 / Posted March 5th 2020

This Blog is a retrospective look back on my self publishing journey which took just on 12 months from the day I decided to publish my first story, mid January 2019 to finally collecting my first 534 copies from customs at Brisbane Wharf late January 2020.

Date in History: 17th April 2019

Yes, I signed on the dotted line and now officially have an illustrator. I had also sent sharon prior to signing a few samples of particular illustration styles I liked so that she could match me up with an illustrator who proceeded to draft initial character concepts below.

Hi Sharon,

Not really knowing what characters would look like, I’m really excited that the draft character top left has, with only slight refinement been nailed, in fact inspired an extra couple of lines in the story to help describe the character in better detail.

"Ears and eyes the size of big round meat pies"

“A hairy belly full of jelly with a nose that looks like a hose”

I also feel both the child characters would be perfect to help tell the tale of the Giggly Goo. The girl would make a good Moogly Roo whilst the top middle character would make a good Boogly Boo for my other story..

Very happy to proceed with these characters, and looking forward to sitting down with the illustrator to run through my general ideas for each page whenever it is convenient with you all.

Kind Regards

DG Stott

I will be posting twice a week, every Tuesday and Thursdays and would love your feedback, comments and questions along the way. Thanks for your support.

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