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My Self-Publishing Adventure

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Self-publishing my first illustrated children’s book – The Moogy Roo Series

Post 1 / January 2019

I am a father to a daughter who discovered the joy, laughter and connection found in children’s books when I would read to my little girl before bed. During this nightly bonding ritual, I found myself adding additional narrative to scenes as well as making up stories just to see and hear her laugh a little louder and longer, that in turn would make me laugh and really heightened my feelings of being a good dad. She is now 9, and I am … well also 9 years older, however it wasn't until after going through a marriage separation at the same time as selling a family business, being newly unemployed, upheaval of moving out of the family home and feeling completely lost to say the least, and was only the intimate shared time I got with my daughter over the summer school holidays that also happened to coincide with these life changing events that would help clear the fog of my depression and help me focus on the things that made me happy as I re-assessed my life. Reminiscing back on those warm intimate nightly moments reading to my girl and making up stories I decided to bring my own stories to life as illustrated children's books and take on the challenge of self publishing whilst getting back into work to help support my finances on this journey.

This Blog will be a retrospective look back on my self publishing journey which took just on 12 months from the day I decided to publish my first story, mid January 2019 to finally collecting my first 534 copies from customs at Brisbane Wharf January 2020.

There will be highs, lows, frustrations, plenty of moments of self doubt as I learn new skill sets and lingo from story development to editing, character design, book layout, materials, printing processes and capabilities, shipping and customs right through to website development and social marketing, that requires not only a great deal of patience, but most importantly, focus and attention to detail as there is no going back once a book is in print, well not without considerable expense.

I am planning to post once or even twice a week and would love your feedback, comments and questions along the way. Thanks for your support.

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